Game 1 

Mission: Extermination

Deployment: Vanguard Assault

Forces: 1000p, Emperor’s Children (traitor) vs World Eaters (loyalist)

Emperor’s Children Army List

Legion Champion – Jump pack, Paragon Blade, Refractor Field

5 Phoenix Terminators

10 Assault Marines – Sgt w/ Phoenix Spear, 2x Power Axe

10 Assault Marines – Sgt w/ Phoenix Spear, 2x Power Axe

3 Sky Slayer Support – Sgt w/ Phoenix Spear, 3x Plasma Cannon

World Eaters Army List

Praetor – Tartaros Terminator Armour, Iron Halo, Paragon Blade

10 Tactical Marines – additional close combat weapon, Sgt w/ power fist & artificer armour

10 Tactical Support Marines – 10x Volkite Caliver

15 Red Hand Destroyers – 3 Rad Missile Launchers, 5 Dual Falx Blades, Sgt w/ Power Axe

Aegis Defence Line

Azraen Vendross surveyed the hastily erected fortifications his men had raised. They were not made for this kind of warfare. The prefabricated defence lines stretched between the rubble that had once been buildings, cutting across streets and plazas, and it felt strange sitting and waiting as the nails pounded his mind with the urge to strike out. He would get his chance, he knew that. He could already hear the sound of approaching enemies, and they had shown up on the auspex long ago. He spat on the ground as he caught sight of purple armour. Fulgrims peacocks. No wonder they did not try to hide themselves. Always too sure of themselves that lot. 

Another look down the line told him his brothers were ready, each one fighting the urge to charge, chainaxe in hand. He crouched behind the defence line, his great axe humming as if it anticipated the coming bloodshed. He signalled with his hand in the old way. The vox was no longer safe. As one his brothers rose from their positions, volkite beams searing out into the fog and gloom, searching targets. 

Round 1 – World Eaters

All units hold position behind the Aegis Defence Line, awaiting the Traitor Assault. 

The Volkite Support Squad fires at the Phoenix Terminators but fails to penetrate their armour. 

Round 1 – Emperor’s Children

The entire force rushes forward, keeping in cover as best they can. The Sky Slayers fire upon the World Eater position, causing several wounds. The defence line proves its worth, however, as only one marine falls to the blasts. 

Round 2 – World Eaters

The large squad of Red Hand Destroyers redeploy to face the oncoming threats on their right flank, and fire on the approaching Assault Marines. Rad Missiles kill two and lower the toughness of the Assault Marines by 1. The volkite squad then fires, and kills another enemy from the same squad.

Round 2 – Emperor’s Children

Once again everything advances, except the Sky Slayers who keep their distance. 

The Phoenix Terminators and their accompanying Assault Squad run to position themselves for next turn assaults, while the Legion Champion and his diminished Assault Squad use their momentum to charge over the defence line into the World Eater Praetor and Tactical Squad. 

Azraen Vendross turned as something crashed down behind him, and found himself staring into the tip of a Phoenix Spear. The IIIrd legion Champion, resplendent in purple and gold, stood the, waiting. His companions had carved a small circle for the two of them, forcing Azraenn’s brothers back to give the single combat room. 

“Your death is imminent, World Eater” came the soft voice from the enemy. 

Azraen snorted, not even bothering with a reply as he swung his axe up to strike. 

The Champion challenges the enemy praetor, but is slain despite striking first and wounding the World Eater. The tactical marines then prove their worth as they kill another four of the Emperor’s Children, while only losing one in return. The Assault Squad is then run down by the vengeful World Eaters. 

NN felt the blood dripping from his side, and leaned heavily on his axe handle. The enemy champion had not been lacking in skill, but like so often before the fight had not been decided by skill, but by tenacity and strength. He moved, feeling a tug when the axehead buried in the enemy chest piece was wrenched loose. There were more enemies to slay, and the nails were making a mess of his thoughts. He leapt over the defence line, intent on the advancing terminators.  

Round 3 – World Eaters

The Destroyers advance and fire upon the remaining Assault Squad, trying to secure the left flank now that the right has been cleared. Their missiles and pistol fire succeed in killing eight of the ten enemies, but the traitors hold their position. 

The Phoenix Terminators take heavy fire from the volkites, who manage to kill three despite the terminators having two wounds each. 

The Destroyers then attempt to charge the last two Assault Marines, but fail. 

Round 3 – Emperor’s Children

With only seven models left on the field the Emperor’s Children need some kind of miracle. The Sky Slayers advance to lend their meagre assault capabilities to the fight, but only succeed in killing one of the volkite support marines with their plasma cannons and subsequently fail their charge. 

The remaining Assault Marines and Phoenix Terminators charge into the Destroyers in front of them. Venting their fury they kill four, but lose one Assault Marine and one Terminator in return. 

Round 4 – World Eaters

The volkite squad now seeks revenge on the Sky Slayers, and kills one with their guns. The Praetor leaves the tactical squad behind, and charges into the Phoenix Terminator Sergeant. A brief challenge later, and the Sergeant falls. The Assault Marine Sergeant is slain by the Destoyers. 

Round 4 – Emperor’s Children

With only two models left, the Emperor’s Children decide that enough is enough and retreat, leaving the field to the World Eaters. 

Watching his brothers moving between the dead, scavenging and gathering whatever they could for the next fight, Azraen felt no shame. They would use whatever they could and make the enemy bleed for their treachery. They thought they could kill them from afar, afraid of what would happen if they came too close. Now they paid for that in blood, as the ruins of their own making became their graves. 

He listened to the sound of artillery striking close by, and signalled his men. 

It was time to move out.