Assault on Amnidomum

Each year in may, specially invited gamers descend upon Åhus, Sweden, to play in the Amnidomum Campaign. As and invitation only event, Amnidomum differs from other Valleyville events. It’s focus is of course on games that look great on the table and are fun to play, but Amnidomum also focuses on the social aspects of the hobby.

At Amnidomum we live in a good hostel standard, with all meals and fika included. The schedule is quite open, to allow players to socialise, play pick-up games or perhaps take a walk to the ocean. It is, in essence, a break from everyday life where the players can enjoy a relaxing weekend in good company.

If you’d be interested in getting an invite – reach out to us and tell us a little about yourself and your hobby. We have a limited number of spots each year but are always open to getting to know new people and bringing them to Amnidomum.